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Fuel Contracting

Maribel Grain offers fixed price fuel contracts begining in December and ending May 31st.  Our fuel contract prices are based on our current cost to contract fuel, and will change as the market changes throughout the day.  If you wish to find out our current contract price, you will need to call our office at 863-2289.  If you wish to receive this information daily, we can text, or e-mail this information to you.  Simply call our main office and let us know your cell phone number and provider, or your e-mail address, and we will begin this service for you.
If you decide to contract fuel please give us a call, and we will fill out a contract form, and mail it out to you.  Keep in mind that your fuel contract becomes valid at the time you verbally commit to the contract.  Within 10 days you will need to sign the contract and mail it back to us. Fuel contract gallons need to be purchased from March 1st thru December 31st in year contract is for. 

Target Pricing

If you have a target price that you would like to contract fuel at, give us a call and let us know what your target price is.  We will fill out a target order, and call you if your target price is reached.  This will allow us to contract your fuel needs at that time if you wish to do so.

Pre-Payment Deals

We will give anyone who pre-pays on their account by December 31st , and has a credit balance on their account at the end of each month (starting January) .3% interest (3.69% APR) credit on their account. 
If you decide to contract you fuel by December 31st, and prepay for the fuel in full, we will waive the downpayment fee.
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