Maribel Grain Company
We carry a variety of minerals at Maribel Grain.  There are many choices to fit your operation.  We can also have minerals custom blended to your specifications, or formulated by our nutritionist to meet your needs. (one ton minimum) We also carry mineral/protein tubs for dry cows, heifers, or beef cattle.

The following is a list of some our minerals :

*Suppl Mineral 16-11SE
*Custom 1-1
*Cargill Focus Dry Cow w/Rumensin
*Cargill Focus Dry Cow Nonmed
*Maribel Heifer Mineral 16:7 R1440 (rumensin mineral)
*Cargill Right Now Onyx Beef mineral
*Maribel Dairy Extra - (2-1)
*Maribel Dairy Micro - contains chelated trace minerals & vitamins
*12-12 mineral blocks
*12-12 Nature's Essentials horse mineral
*Purina Sheep Mineral
*Purina Easy Care tubs for dry cows & heifers
*NRG Dairy set up tubs for dry cows & heifers
*All natural protein/mineral tub for beef cows w/calves

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