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Our calf feed programs consist of different options for different goals.

The far and away most poplular milk replacer our customers use is the Dairyway 22-20 all milk, milk replacer from Cargill.  This milk replacer mixes very well, better than any other milk replacer we handle.  It also provides an improved level of nutrition over a basic 20-20 milk replacer for increased growth and better calf health. 

Our top of the line calf starter comes from Purina Animal Nutrition LLC. 
That is the Ampli-Calf 22% starter.  This starter is formulated to maximize intakes and growth. 

The 19% calf starter from Cargill Animal Nutrition is a premium starter that provides a solid platform for calf growth and performance.

The other option we have is a custom mix utilizing a customer's own stored corn, or purchased grains.  We stock flaked corn that we can use to enhance palatability of these custom mixes.  Our mill molasses also has a higher level of fat to give your calves that extra boost and shine they need.
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