Test Plot Updates


Our alfalfa test plot is ran in cooperation with Habeck Homestead Farms LLC.  The test plot field is located South of Maribel. It was seeded down in the spring of 2011 with a forage oat cover crop.  That makes 2013 the 2nd full year of cuttings. 
This year's 2nd cutting was taken the week of July 1st.  3rd cutting regrowth is looking good.  It could use a little rain to boost yields, but should show good tonnage despite the heat. 
*Update 8-2-13* The 3rd cutting was taken on Friday 8-2-13.  This will be the final cutting of the year.  This is due to the fact that the intern who has been running the harvester will be back in school when the 4th cutting will be ready.  Results from the year's harvest will be posted as soon as we have them.
Last year's data from 4 cuttings showed an 11% yield advantage for the Hybriforce products over the competitors.  We should have this year's data summarized by the middle of October.


Our cooperating operation for our corn grain test plot is Fictum Acres LLC. located east of Maribel.  This year's plot was planted on May 16th.  The crop looks very good.  Some of the earlier varieties should be tasseling soon.  The recent moisture and heat has improved the outlook for most of the corn fields in the area.
*Update 9-16-13 The test plot is looking very good.  The recent rains will help finish out grain fill, as long as we can avoid an early frost.  Yield estimates will put us above average, but not as good as last year.  Some varieties were hurt worse by the tornado in early August than others, but for the most part the lodging is not that bad.

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